Top Tricks for Making Enough ArcheAge Unchained Gold

Top Tricks for Making Enough ArcheAge Unchained Gold


Gold is the lifeblood for every MMORPG, the same in Archeage Unchained. Archeage Unchained Gold can be used in the whole gameplay and can speed up the process of the game. In this situation, we can understand the importance of this currency. That is the reason why we are here.

Opening Coin Purses

We are starting with the so-called benchmark method. Every time you come up with a method of your own or want to use one of the already proven ones, you should compare it with this one to determine if your efforts are worth it; Opening Coin Purses is a benchmark method because it "generates" (every time you open a purse, you create money which affects inflation by a bit) consistent amounts of Silver per Labor. This means that you can easily compare Gold/Hour, Gold/Labor, and Gold/Effort Needed of other methods with this one to determine how worthwhile they actually are.


There are two main kinds of fishing in Archeage Unchained: Bait Fishing and Sports Fishing; this part of the guide will focus on the latter as it is the one that is actually extremely profitable. Sports Fishing is divided into the following subtypes:

Fresh Water Sports Fishing - Requires Sports Fishing Lure (lasts 2 hours), at least a basic Fishing Rod, and Chum. As the name suggests, it involves bodies of fresh water (lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.).

Salt Water Sports Fishing - Requires Sports Fishing Lure (lasts 2 hours), at least a basic Fishing Rod, Chum Bucket*, and at least a Rowboat, but Clipper is recommended. As the name suggests, it involves bodies of saltwater (oceans and seas).

Resource Gathering

Collecting raw resources and selling them on the Auction House can be a great way of making a profit if you know which resources are in high demand at a given point. There are three Gathering Professions that you want to take a look at:

Gathering - allows you to collect flowers and herbs needed for Alchemy.

Logging - allows you to chop trees and gather logs needed for Carpentry. Logging is the most effective if you own a Land and harvest your own, previously planted, Trees.

Mining - allows you to mine stone and ore. Stone is needed for Masonry and Ores are used by Metalworkers to smelt ingots.

The most important thing with this method is the choice of resource that you want to gather. To choose right, you will have to analyze the AH prices of the most popular materials (use the graphs tab, and look out for people that want to manipulate the prices by posting items below their actual value). After your research is complete and the material is chosen, you should arm your self with a bucket of coffee and set off on a gathering run; if you want to make good money, you will have to invest a lot of time and Labor Points into this.

The other way of doing this is to set up a Logging operation on your Land. Creating an Orchard has an upfront cost (you will need saplings and lumber to build a farm), but it is worth it as collecting logs out of your Land is much less time consuming than "standard" resource farming. It is also "sure" money - there is no competition for logging trees planted on your Land.

Running Trade Packs/ Aged Larders

Inter-zone and intercontinental trade is an inherent part of the Archeage Unchained economy and the trade itself largely revolves around Trade Packs. The Trade Pack system is based around creating, transporting, and selling packages for profit. Here is, more or less, how it works:

You find a Specialty Workstation (these are often located within every region's population hubs).

You create a Trade Pack that is native to the region you are currently in (this is an export/import thing; you want to make a pack out of goods that are common in your region and take them to a region where they are rare to profit on them).

Creating a Trade Pack consumes materials, Labor Points, some Gold, and sometimes Gilda Stars; amount and kind consumed are pack-dependant. Materials used for pack creation become the pack's cargo.

Created Trade Pack is automatically placed on your back and your character becomes encumbered (which means that your movements become very limited).

Now it is time to deliver the Pack to one of the Specialty Buyers that are located in all three regions on each continent. This might require a way of transport (Donkey, Farm Cart or a Farm Wagon).

Specialty Buyer will buy your Pack for a set amount of Gold. The Gold will be delivered to you via mail, in ~8 hours. Amount of Gold received for delivering a Pack depends on a few factors: the popularity of the Pack (the more packs of the said type delivered, the lower the payment), your distance traveled (higher distance equals higher payment), the trade pack's type (if it consists of goods that are rare in the region, it will be worth more), and its age.


Services of skilled artisans are always in high demand, especially in Archeage Unchained, where not everybody has time, dedication, or resources to max out Crafting Professions. Professions, like Cooking and Alchemy, are the typical long-term investments; leveling them up requires some patience and a lot of Gold, but after you reach Famed proficiency, the money will start to flow into your pockets - all you have to do is analyze which Items, that you can craft, are currently in high demand, make them, and post them on the Auction House. The two above-mentioned professions (Cooking and Alchemy) are the best for this as they create Consumables and Consumables are in high demand constantly. Potions, like Kraken's Might, and food, like high-level Sandwiches, are the way to go. The demand for them should be high enough to warrant using Auction House as the only source of materials.

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